NDSM Werf – The Art Center of Amsterdam

The NDSM Werf is home to a variety of murals, graffitis and art installations throughout the whole year. Situated in the Noord part of town, the area offers vast spaces which are not only used for art purposes but also serve as festival grounds. The ferry ride there is free and it takes you to the other side of the IJ river.

I hadn’t really been to the Noord part before I attended DGTL in April and I initially thought all the art and graffiti was part of the festival only.


Anyways, we started our day with a delicious breakfast at PLLEK. I can highly recommend this place if you are a bigger group (we were 6 people and for Amsterdam standards that is a big group) because they have longer tables and a cool patio area. I feel like most breakfast/brunch placed in Amsterdam are laid our for groups of max. 4 people, so PLLEK was the place to go for us.


I already posted about PLLEK once and you can read about it here. I really love their scrambled eggs.


After brunch we roamed around the area a little. As the NDSM Werf is not exclusively an artsy hotspot bur also home to many international companies it was sometimes difficult to find out whether we were on some companies’ premises or still on the public area. The traffic is also kind of hard to predict here. Not that there’s a lot of it, but the area is huge and has wide streets, which are not a thing on the other side of the IJ. People just drive around the big areas and don’t really care about traffic rules, so be careful!

So, I think the area offers a whole new perspective on Amsterdam, as it is a huge contrast to the traditional, cute city center. The Noord part definitely has a lot of potential not only for tourists, but also for residents and companies.