Brunch at Pllek

Going for Brunch is probably one of my biggest hobbies here in Amsterdam. Pllek is a cute little place at the NDSM Werft in the Noord part of town. Considering the majority of cafés here in Amsterdam, Pllek is definitely on of the bigger places you can go to. They have a big open-spaced interior area, and the patio hosts movie screenings and concerts during the summer.


I really like the big window-front inside, as it lets in so much natural light. I know this sounds weird, but in Amsterdam you don’t have a lot of natural light inside restaurants most of the time, as the buildings are so narrow. They usually only have windows in the front ans in the back, so you can guess that it doesn’t really make the inside very brightly lit.


What I find really interesting is their bathroom. I didn’t snap a picture inside, as there are usually quite a lot of people and I feel like their toilets should remain a mystery at least on this blog. I will say though that their bathroom is… unique.

I will definitely miss this place a lot, as it had such great scrambled eggs and offered the best view onto the IJ river.