My Favorite Boutiques in Jordaan – Shopping in Amsterdam

The Jordaan district of Amsterdam is home to many cute little boutiques that sell unique clothing and accessories. During my time in Holland I definitely spent quite some money in these places. Since I know everyone appreciates some insider info on where to shop, here’s my take on that!

Out and About in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam.

Beadies is a jewelry supply store, meaning they have every single component of jewelry you can think of. From little clasps and hooks to pendants and chains, everything can be found and made into an original piece here. I got some vintage-looking pendants from here. Their prices are really good considering everything is gold- or silver-plated.


Lucies’s is another cute jewelry store, but they sell the pieces as a whole rather than individually. They have a variety of cute earrings and bracelets. This store kind of reminded me of ANNA in Vienna, but a more boho-style version of it.

  • St. Luciensteeg 22, 1012PM Amsterdam

This place is hard to put into a category, as with most stores in the Jordaan district. They have various items from jewelry to decor. I love all the cute accessories like cardholders and hairbands there.

Regalo Gallery

This is where I got most of the stuff I bought in Amsterdam from! Regalo Gallery has a variety of items. I really love their hoodies and t-shirts. They also sell leather bags and coffee-table books. This store is also almost across PLUK!

Aside from Shopping

The Jordaan district is not only home to cute boutiques but also to even cuter cafés. Polaberry is famous for its chocolate-covered strawberries and Pluk is notoriously known for its girly interior.

Streets of Jordaan.

Generally, this part of Amsterdam is a hotspot for any type of event and offers lots of photo-ops with its many canals.

Have fun exploring the Jordaan district!