Sénéquier Saint Tropez: The Place To Be This Summer

If there is one place to see and be seen in Saint Tropez its is Sénéquier. This iconic bright orange café situated right along the port and across numerous yachts, it has been the hotspot for stars and celebs ever since this little town started booming.

The red theme really does carry on throughout the whole venue. I have to say the service was insanely fast and friendly, they never made you feel like you have to be a celebrity to be allowed to have a coffee at Sénéquier.

We had some ice cream and let me tell you one thing – it was worth every single cent. All the ingredients are fresh and the taste is just heavenly. Aside from that, I also got to tan my legs while watching yachts and (wannabe-) celebs pass by.

The area around Sénéquier is insanely picturesque. The port of St. Tropez is where everyone goes to see and be seen during the summer.
The tiny streets can get a little crowded during peak season, but the little town still gives off a traditionally relaxed vibe. If you just sneak round the old town district you’ll find insanely cute places and a lovely beach area.

Honestly, if you love to just watch the scene and people walk by, this is the place for you!