The Only Lightroom Preset You Need for Summer 2019

Alright, so I know that influencers and bloggers like to keep quiet about how they edit their pictures. Whenever they do a Q&A approximately 90% of all questions sound similar to “Which apps do you use for editing?” and “How do you make your skin look so smooth?”. Usually the respond with “Oh, its just good lighting!” and “I use Lightroom and VSCO”. Well, these are not exactly lies but it’s just the tip of the insta-editing-iceberg. Sharing is caring, so I’ll give you detailed info on the Lightroom preset I’ve been using a lot lately.

The Lightroom Preset I put together was something I did a few weeks back when I was playing around with saturation and color mix of my pictures. It works best for all types of beach and vacation shots as I tried giving it a bright and warm look.

Curve: Recreate a slight S-curve to give the image more contrast and texture. You have to be really careful with this step. Just play around a bit and see what works best for you.

Lighting: make the image a little brighter and eliminate all dark shadows.

Color: De-saturate the image a lot but turn up the vibrance instead. I also put the temperature a little towards the warmer side.

Color Mix: this is the crucial part, but it very much depends on what your background and motiv is. For my type of photos (mainly outfit and travel shots) this works well and it gets rid of all the tones I don’t want.
I mainly edit the reds and oranges, as you skin tone consist out of these tones. I try to make them more prominent through saturation and darker by turning down the luminance.
Then I de-saturate the yellow a lot, because I really can’t stand yellow tones. I just feel like they make my image look so… dirty. If you live in Austria or any part of the world where pastel yellow is a really common color for old buildings you know what I’m talking about.
I do the same with the greens, as they don’t really fit my vibe.
I saturate the blues a lot more, as this is the key to proper vacation-editing.

I didn’t do anything about the pinks and purples as they were not really part of the sample image I used. They also don’t really bother me in any of my editing, so I just leave them at neutral.

Effects: I just add some clarity to make the image sharper.

Detail: I sharpen the image just a little.

And that’s about it. It took me a long time to figure this all out on my own but as I already said, you just have to play around a bit until you find what suits you. I feel like once you have the filter or preset you really identify with it automatically makes your feed a lot more cohesive. I used to play around with VSCO and Preview for a whole while until I realized that Lightroom can do all the stuff the other apps can, and it leaves a lot of space for personal editing too.

I really hope this was helpful to some of you. Let me know whether you like using my preset or which one you’d like to see next.