The Best Lightroom Presets for Summer 2020

Lightroom Presets have become a popular way of quickly editing pictures on the go. It’s no wonder that Lightroom presets are the number one way of creating a consistent theme on Instagram and co. Especially vacation pics are great material for editing, so here’s my favorite presets for summer.

Steven Wommack – Women’s 4 Presets 2019

Wommack has some great presets in store for anyone who loves warm tones and wants a consistent Instagram theme. The Women’s 4 Presets offer a nice variety for people who post a lot of fashion and style pics.

He also posted a very elaborate tutorial on Josefine HJ’s style of editing (not her preset but he edited a picture in a style similar to hers). I think especially when you get started on photo editing it can be very useful to try to copy someone else’s style to gain some knowledge on editing.

Steven Wommack’s Website

Alohaa Jana – Holiday Bundle

This one works well with beach and vacation photos as it doesn’t wash out blue colors and keeps the images saturated. Jana makes a variety of presets that mostly go well with the whole travel blogger vibe, so it’s definitely worth checking out her other presets as well.

The preset can be found here.

My Own Preset

I finally got to make my own preset for Lightroom because I felt like making my own would be the most effective way of really staying consistent. It takes a while to really tailor it to your needs but I think it pays off. After all I love to share all my Instagram and photo editing knowledge with the world and even wrote a blog post about how I did it.
My preset can be found here.

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As you can see, it cancels out all unwanted yellow and green tones while highlighting tan skin and aquatics. I even wrote a blog post about how to fake a tan in Lightroom. You can read all about it here.

These were my favorite presets at the moment – have fun editing!