How to Sell Clothing Online

Being a fashion lover always leads to cluttered closets filled with pieces that still have the tag on. If you have more clothing that just sits in your drawers than stuff you actually wear it’s time to declutter. In my experience, it’s best to make some extra money off selling all the clothing you just don’t love anymore. Here’s my tips on how to do it right.

Use a Local Platform

By that I mean any app or website that allows you to sell the clothes and accessories in your own country or area. In my experience it makes it easier for you as a seller to save some shipping fees. I feel like it also works a lot quicker if you sell your stuff to people who live in your town or region anyways.

Take Good Pictures

This is seriously the one thing that makes it or breaks it. Don’t get your ugly foot in the picture. Don’t use bad lighting. Don’t make the piece look worse than it is. Just don’t. Find a good background and take the product shots in daylight. Make sure that people can also see any flaws of the product. Especially when selling second-hand you have to be authentic about any scratches or tears, otherwise you’re just lying about your stuff.

Write an Accurate Description

I feel like this step can instantly make you sound a lot more professional and can be helpful for you as a seller too. If I’m selling a lot of my stuff online, chances are, by the time I put it up for sale I already forgot what that thing even was. Also, state the fact that it’s a private sale and the fact that different laws apply to that. Definitely look into your country’s laws and regulations about selling stuff online!

Set the Price Just a Little Higher

In my experience, people love it when they feel like they managed to get the item even cheaper than it was being listed. So in order to get the amount of money you want, set the price just a little higher. For example, if I want to make 30€ I’ll set the price to 40€

Be Careful About Payment Options

In my honest opinion, there’s a lot of weird people out there and the last thing you want to do when selling anything online is ship the item first before the money has arrived into your bank account. Fake payment confirmations are sadly a thing that happens quite often. I prefer to use PayPal for all my payments as it is fast and secure.

These were my most important tips and tricks to get rid of all the clothing you no longer love and make some extra cash on the side. I hope this was helpful!