My Top 5 Reads of 2019

The other day I read a quote on Instagram saying “buying books and reading them are actually two different hobbies” and I immediately felt called out. In 2019 however, I managed to do a lot more reading than I usually do. This is partly because I finally bounght and e-book reader and partly because I had to commute to work a lot and had a lot of time on the tram. Either way, here’s my top five books of 2019. Enjoy!

Mark Manson – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

I got this book simply because I saw it all over social media and the fact that it was on Amazon’s bestseller list for a long, long time. I have to admit that it is quite inspirational and also carries some deeper life lessons, but it is not the book to solve all your problems. The style of writing is very upfront and direct.

Yuval Noah Harari – Money (Vintage Minis Series)

I came across this book as I had just started to work in finance and IT, and decided to give it a try since I loved Sapiens so much. It definitely gives a lot of insight on how money became a concept and where we are headed in the future. Again, Harari manages to explain the most complex ideas and concepts in a way that even a person with the attention span of a goldfish (me) can understand.

Fredrik Backmann – A Man Called Ove

I was initially forced to read this one as it was part of one of my uni courses’ reading list and now I feel like I should have read it way earlier. Most people probably read the book when it came out a few years back, so I don’t feel the need to give a summary here. It’s a beautiful story of how generations view each other, differences between youth and old age and lovely situations when these two overlap.

1000 Places to See Before You Die

This one is the stereotypical coffee table book. I don’t actually read it page by page, I just like to browse through and get some inspiration for future travel plans. I feel like this came out just when traveling started to become a sort of hobby and took off on social media. It is interesting to see how the attitude towards travel has changed ever since going abroad for recreation became a thing.

Those were my top five picks of 2019, let me know which books you enjoyed this year!