Review: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Hi Star Sneakers

It’s been a while since I published my last review, so here we go again! This time I finally got my hands on my new favourite pair of white sneakers. I feel like GGdB’s whole footwear range is something you either love or hate. The worn and distressed look is something that some might consider a waste of money, but if you’re a fan of that aesthetic, these shoes will be like a piece of art to you.

Golden Goose Deluxe Brand has been a round for a few years now, and is loved by hypebeasts and fashionbloggers all around the globe. They are known for their used-look footwear, usually adorned with stars on the side. I decided to get them as my standard white sneaker for many years to come, and I actually love the way they look. I know it’s definitely not for everyone, but I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about giving them the first scratch or stepping into a puddle.

Anyway, let’s head right into the review. I’ll go through all of the important aspects and you will also find a quick video of the unboxing and try-on towards the end of this blogpost.

The Packaging

The shoes came in a box by Mytheresa and their own box. They also come with a handy dustbag. I feel like for sneakers like these you don’t really need elaborate packaging. Not only because it is simply not necessary but also because of the brand that GGDB is.

The Pricing

I bought mine for 370€ on Mytheresa. I think the price is good for how original their design is and the overall quality of the sneaker. I know there’s loads of people who will say that it’s ridiculous to pay that much money for shoes that look like they’ve been beat up, or even spending that much for ANY type of shoe. Well, I guess if you’re one of them it’s time to leave my blog now.

The Fit

These are totally true-to-size. I’m a size 39 in all of my Zara shoes and in most other brands as well, so I picked the 39 for these GGDB. They fit me like a glove and feel really comfy on my feet. They do have quite a bit of a plateau on the inside as well, so if you’re looking for sneakers that will make you about 5cm taller, these are the ones you need! The padding inside is quite good as well, it feels like you’re already wearing the type of insoles that make any shoe more comfy. If you’re worrying about the toecap feeling a bit too tight, I’m here to tell you that it is definitely not. My Toes are quite wide and they still fit me just fine in the front.


As of now, I feel like they are super comfortable for being a leather sneaker. The padding of the insoles definitely makes them really comfortable. For me personally, leather sneakers usually give me blisters on my heels for some reason. I haven’t experienced this with the GGDB sneakers yet, but I have also just been wearing them for a few weeks. I’ll update this once I’ve worn them for a longer period of time.


I will definitely have to come back in like a year to give a proper answer here. However, I already feel like they’re quite durable and thanks to the distressed look, they probably won’t show wear and tear that easily.

Video of the Unboxing and Try-On

Here’s a quick video I did unpacking the shoes and trying them on for the first time.

I’ll probably come back here in a year and see if my opinion has changed and report on how the wear and tear is. See ya!