Review: Demonia Shaker 52 Ankle Boots

As the thought of attending a festival slowly starts to be more than just an abstract idea rooted in pre-plague times, I finally decided to get my hands on the ultimate rave boots. The Demonia Shakers have a long history of being one of the staple items in any alt girl’s closet and are insanely hard to get (at least where I live). I finally got them in the mail this week and decided to do a quick review.

FYI: Demonia also offers loads of short reviews and try-on pics on their official online shop, so if you’re looking for even more shots of them I highly recommend you check that out!

Fit and Sizing

I got my regular size that I always pick and was not disappointed. The Shakers fit me very well and have a comfy feel. The high platform is definitely something you have to get used to, but I don’t think that it makes them hard to walk in.

Personally, I’d say that these run rather true-to-size in length but offer a wider base, which is great for festivals and going out in general. My feet aren’t really wide but I definitely appreciate the wide toe-box since I plan on wearing them to Burning Man in the future (and so far everyone has told me to get comfy shoes for that!).


My initial impression is that they are quite sturdy and will fit a variety of terrains. However, I feel like they scratch quite easily since they’re not real leather. The claim to be “vegan leather” which is just the nice way of saying they’re made out of plastic.

The chunky platform heel feels super comfy and you never feel like you’d tip over in them.

I will definitely have to get back to this section once I’ve worn them out to a festival. Nonetheless, they already feel quite robust and sturdy, so I don’t think I’ll have any issues when I’m out dancing.

Packaging and Pricing

The part on packaging has to fall rather short with these boots since they don’t have that much of an elaborate way of presenting themselves compared to other items that I review on here. However, that was to be expected and I don’t mind them only coming in a regular box. I will admit though that they had quite a strong chemical smell when I first opened the box. I let them air out for a few hours and it was gone, so that really is nothing to worry about.

I got my pair off the Demoniacult website, which is Demonia’s official online store. The retail price was 91€ and the shipping cost me an additional 31€ (This is probably the most I’ve EVER paid for shipping). I tried getting them off DollsKill first, since they offer free shipping over 150€ and the Demonia’s are simply cheaper on there. For some weird reason it wouldn’t let me place an order even though they claim to ship to Europe.

Anyways, I highly recommend you sign up for the email reminders that DemoniaCult offers once they restock the boots you’re trying to get.

Video of the Unboxing and Try-On

Here’s a quick video of the unpacking and trying on the Shakers for the first time. Enjoy!

Final Verdict

I highly recommend these boots for anyone who is into alternative fashion or wants some comfy boots for festivals. They’re really well-made and definitely worth their money. I’ll update this review once I’ve worn them out myself!